252688_353174688089771_555649469_nVocational  High School of Electrical Engineering and Automation – Sofia ( PGEA )  situated in Sofia, bul . Ovcha Kupel 1 , Bulgaria is a school with a long history and tradition in the training of professionals in the field of electrical engineering , automation , computer systems and programming. The school students  are from seventh to twelfth grade .

1951, is based vocational school for training technicians in strong and weak currents " Sergei Kirov Mironovich " with director Eng. Ivan Alexiev . In 1963 the school " Kirov" gets a new building on  "Ovcha Kupel " № 1. The building has more than 75 rooms, gymnasium and workshops.
From 1991 to 2016 director is eng. Krasimir Nikolov and  his assistant is Antoaneta Spasova.
In 2000 at the initiative of the school board began modernization of the school. Build is phonetic cabinet, video-physics laboratory, computer rooms, gym, laboratory automation and robotics, multimedia cabinet specialty "Power plants and networks", study robotics. In 2002 the school was renamed the Professional School of Electrical Engineering and Automation. In 2005 introduces a new "Computer Engineering", the next in 2006 - "Computer networks" in 2008 - the subjects "System Programming" and "Maintenance program" and in 2013 - specialty "Economic Informatics".
Principal of  PGEA since august, 2016 is Eng . Philip Philipov.